Start of blog!


I have decided to start up this blog so that I have somewhere to throw out the wordvomit that comes into my head all the time, particularly when I am trying to go to sleep. I’m just gonna be posting about whatever I think about. If y’all find things you disagree with or think are just straight up wrong, it’s a great place to leave a comment. I don’t care if you’re anonymous or not, and I don’t care if you use swear words or accuse me of things.

I hope to present some of my ideas in an enjoyable to read format, but sometimes I just type up a bunch of stuff and don’t want to really mess with it. Kind of like a video blog or something, like I’m just talking. So in that same vein, you’re going to be seeing my opinions and what I think about things, and different posts will have different levels of supporting material or fact-checking. So take things with a jar of salt if you do stick around to read things.

I will be aggressive and post offensive stuff depending on what you view. And I also want to be clear that I will sometimes speak disdainfully of large sections of people based off of ideology or some viewpoint or other, but it’s usually an exaggeration and if you place yourself in one of those sections I don’t mean to misrepresent you or imply that I hate you. In reality, I don’t hate most people. A lot of people that I love very much I have stark disagreements with (most – I do not agree with very many people about very many things).

So like yeah and stuff. I might eventually start up a video blog because that way I can express my ideas better, since sometimes I can’t figure out how to write things in a way that adequately expresses what I’m feeling and sometimes I just have too much to say but don’t think anyone wants to scroll through a giant wall of text. Unfortunately, I have convinced myself that only terrible people vlog. Once I can overcome this irrational fear of looking like an asshole maybe I’ll do it. (For those of you that actually vlog, I don’t think you’re terrible! I admire your courage!)

Edit to add: Hey I forgot to actually explain what kind of things I might talk about. This blog will definitely be about politics and social movements and religion and stuff a lot, but I also probably will use it to talk about other things sometimes that I feel might be interesting.

Start of blog!

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